Like any film critic, I have reviewed a number of films over the years for various publications. The reviews collected here are a sample of my work of recent years, organized by year and publication and link included.

Pete’s Dragon (David Lowrey, USA): LAist
Bad Moms (Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, USA): LAist
Jason Bourne (Paul Greengrass, USA): LAist
Star Trek Beyond (Justin Lin, USA): LAist
Ghostbusters (Paul Feig, USA): LAist
Café Society (Woody Allen, USA): LAist
The BFG (Steven Spielberg, USA/UK), LAist
The Neon Demon (Nicolas Winding Refn, USA): LAist
The Shallows (Jaume Collet-Serra, USA): LAist
Finding Dory (Andrew Stanton, USA): LAist
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (Dave Green, USA): LAist
X-Men: Apocalypse (Bryan Singer, USA): LAist
The Nice Guys (Shane Black, USA): LAist
—Captain America: Civil War (Joe & Anthony Russo, USA): LAist
A War (Tomas Lindholm, Denmark): In Review Online

Bridge of Spies (Steven Spielberg, USA): Mousterpiece Cinema (Guest Appearance)
Something, Anything (Paul Harrill, USA): The Film Stage

Here’s to the Future! (gina telaroli, USA): The Film Stage
Tu dors Nicole (Stefan Laffeur, Canada): The Film Stage
Over Your Dead Body (Takashi Miike, Japan): The Film Stage
Buzzard (Joel Protrykus, USA): The Film Stage
The Iron Ministry (JP Snaidecki, China/USA): The Film Stage
Intersetellar (Christopher Nolan, USA): The Film Stage
Listen Up Philip (Alex Ross Perry, USA): In Review Online
A Walk Among the Tombstones (Scott Frank, USA): The Critical Press
Whiplash (Damien Chazelle, USA): In Review Online
Songs from the North (Soon Mi-Yoo, North Korea/South Korea): The Film Stage
The Princess of France (Matías Piñeiro, Argentina): The Film Stage
A Summer’s Tale (Eric Rohmer, France, 1996): The Film Stage
Down and Dangerous (Zak Forsman, USA): Variety
Lucky Bastard (Robert Nathan, USA): Variety
About Last Night (Steve Pink, USA): Variety
Haunt (Mac Carter, USA): Variety
Freezer (Mikeal Salomon, USA): Variety