The Cinephiliacs

The CinephiliacsThe Cinephiliacs is a podcast exploring the past and future of cinephelia. Film critic Peter Labuza has interviewed critics, programmers, academics, filmmakers, and more about their relationship to film and film culture. Additionally, each guest will bring in a particular favorite film and discuss it with Labuza. Indiewire declares, “If you want to hear film critics talk at length about their craft, there are few better places on the Internet” and Keyframe Daily has called it “Exhibit A” for the future of film culture.

Episodes are published bi-weekly. Available on iTunes, Sticher, and the website. Please scroll down to see non-interview episodes, including festival reports, year-end wrap-ups, and remembrances.

Episode #92 – Catherine Grant (The Headless Woman)

Episode #91 – Marsha Gordon (The Steel Helmet)

Episode #90 – Alexandra Heller-Nicholas (Ms. 45)

Episode #89 – Laya Maheshwari (Sholay)

Special — Charles Cohen and KCET Classics

Episode #88 – Jake Mulligan (Hail the Conquering Hero)

Episode #87 – Fredrik Gustafsson (Great Expectations)

Episode #86 – Gordon Quinn (One Way Or Another)

Episode #85 – Jeff Lambert (Stranger Than Paradise)

Episode #84 – Scott Bukatman (Some Came Running)

Episode #83 – Snowden Becker (Police Body Cameras and Evidentiary Videos)

Episode #82 – James Schamus (The Tall T)

Episode #81 – Emily Carman (The Misfits)

Episode #80 – Kalyane Lévy (Going Places)

Episode #79 – Thomas Doherty (Out of the Past)

Episode #78 – Eric Allen Hatch (Possession)

Episode #77 – Eric Hynes (Quick Change)

Episode #76 – David Wilson (Gummo)

Episode #75 – Blake Williams (INLAND EMPIRE)

Episode #74 – Ryland Walker Knight (The Awful Truth)

Episode #73 – Eddie Muller (Gun Crazy)

Episode #72 – David Bordwell (Daisy Kenyon)

Episode #71 – Kristin Thompson (How Green Was My Valley)

Episode #70 – Jonathan Rosenbaum (Out 1)

Episode #69 – Glenn Heath Jr. (Dead Man)

Episode #68 – Stephen Cone (Beloved)

Episode #67 – Adam Kempenaar (The World According To Garp)

Episode #66 – Matthew Dessem (The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford)

Episode #65 – Jim Healy (The Mind Reader)

Episode #64 – Brandon Colvin (Hail Mary)

Episode #63 – Lea Jacobs (Only Angels Have Wings)

Episode #62 – Adrian Martin (Gloria)

Episode #61 – James Gray (Nights of Cabiria)

Episode #60 – Tim Grierson (Stop Making Sense)

Episode #59 – Brian Darr (The End)

Episode #58 – Fernando F. Croce (Once Upon A Honeymoon)

Episode #57 – Kiva Reardon (Leave Her To Heaven)

Episode #56 – Calum Marsh (The Last Days of Disco)

Episode #55 – Jan-Christopher Horak (Her Sister’s Secret)

Episode #54 – Kristopher Tapley (JFK)

Episode #53 – Doug Dillaman (My Neighbor Totoro)

Episode #52 – Matías Piñeiro (Duelle)

Episode #51 – Tina Hassannia (You’ve Got Mail)

Episode #50 – Mike D’Angelo (Buffalo ’66)

Episode #49 – Kim Morgan (Something Wild)

Episode #48 – Alex Ross Perry (Husbands and Wives)

Episode #47 – Angela Catalano (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Episode #46 – Karina Longworth (Wanda)

Episode #45 – Stephanie Zacharek (Having A Wild Weekend)

Episode #44 – Gabe Klinger (The Bowery)

Episode #43 – Dave Kehr (The Whistler)

Episode #42 – J. Hoberman (Poor Little Rich Girl)

Episode #41 – Adam Nayman (All Is Forgiven)

Episode #40 – Michael Koresky (The Seventh Victim)

Episode #39 – Phillip Lopate (Charulata)

Episode #38 – Sam Adams (The Long Goodbye)

Episode #37 – Carrie Rickey (Clueless)

Episode #36 – Matt Lynch (Hard Boiled)

Episode #35 – Mark Harris (The Best Years of Our Lives)

Episode #34 – Dana Stevens (Letter From An Unknown Woman)

Episode #33 – Kent Jones (Spawn of the North)

Episode #32 – Richard Peña (Memories of Underdevelopment)

Episode #31 – Noah Isenberg (Ruthless)

Episode #30 – Genevieve Yue (Café Lumière)

Episode #29 – Nellie Killian (Five Year Diary)

Episode #28 – Imogen Sara Smith (In A Lonely Place)

Special Episode – Andrew Sarris Roundtable

Episode #27 – Craig Simpson (Paris, Texas)

Episode #26 – Jordan Cronk (Repo Man)

Episode #25 – Sheila O’Malley (Opening Night)

Episode #24 – Robert Greene (Edvard Munch)

Episode #23 – Gina Telaroli (Brigadoon)

Episode #22 – A.O. Scott (The Player)

Episode #21 – Victor Morton (Rosetta)

Episode #20 – Andreas Stoehr (The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T)

Episode #19 – David Schwartz (Beauty #2)

Episode #18 – Ben Model (Modern Times)

Episode #17 – Vadim Rizov (Le Cercle Rouge)

Episode #16 – Miriam Bale (Johnny Guitar)

Episode #15 – Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (The Moderns)

Episode #14 – Dan Sallitt (Christine)

Episode #13 – C. Mason Wells (The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums)

Episode #12 – Kevin B. Lee (Slacker)

Episode #11 – Keith Phipps (Petulia)

Episode #10 – Katey Rich (Take This Waltz)

Episode #9 – Godfrey Cheshire (Close-Up)

Episode #8 – Matt Singer (The Buried Secret of M Night Shaymalan)

Episode #7 – Ali Arikan (Withnail and I)

Episode #6 – Farran Smith Nehme (Three Strangers)

Episode #5 – Bilge Ebiri (Barry Lyndon)

Episode #4 – Keith Uhlich (The Truth About Charlie)…

Episode #3 – Kenji Fujishima (Fallen Angels)

Episode #2 – Matt Zoller Seitz (Born on the Fourth of July)

Episode #1 – Glenn Kenny (Blow-Up)

Festival Reports

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival (2016): Featuring Victor Morton. Films discussed include Varieté, Beggars of Life, The Battle of the Century, Napoleón, I Don’t Want To Be A Man, The Strongest, and Two Timid Souls.

True/False 2016: Featuring Sam Adams, Tim Grierson, and Scott Tobias. Films discussed include The Prison in Twelve Landscapes, Peter and the FarmStarless DreamsHelmut Berger, Actor, and Behemoth.

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival (2015): Featuring Victor Morton. Films include All Quiet on The Western Front (1930), A Trip Down Market Street (1906), Visages D’Enfants (1925), Shorts by Charley Bowers (1926-1928), Norrtullsligan (1923), and The Swallow and the Titmouse (1920).

Special Episode – Cannes Film Festival 2014: Featuring Keith Uhlich, Jordan Cronk, and Glenn Heath Jr. Films discussed include Timbuktu, Winter Sleep, Jauja , Clouds of Sils Maria, Two Days, One Night, National Gallery, and Goodbye to Language

The 51st New York Film Festival (2013)
With Tony Dayoub on 12 Years a Slave, The Immigrant, Nebraska, Only Lovers Left Alive, Blue is the Warmest Color, and Her.
With Monica Castillo on Inside Llewyn Davis, ExhibitionWhen Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism, Le Jealosie, and Stray Dogs.
With Carson Lund on A Touch of Sin, The Wind Rises, Stranger By the Lake, Norte, End of History, Nobody’s Daughter Haewon, and Manakamana.
With James Hansen on Views From The Avant-Garde, including works by Peter Hutton, Luther Price, Nathaniel Dorsky, Jodie Mack, and Stephanie Barber.

New Directors/New Films 2013: Featuring Daniel Walber. Films discussed include Upstream ColorLeones, and Viola.

The 50th New York Film Festival (2012)
With David Ehrlich on AmourHoly Motors, Something in the Air, and Like Someone In Love.
With Jaime Christley on Life of Pi, Caesar Must Die, Night Across The StreetRoom 237Leviathan, and Tabu.
With Simon Abrams on Passion, Barbara, Frances Ha, Beyond the Hills, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!Lines of Wellington, and Berberian Sound Studio.

Remembrance Episodes

This American Life: Remembering Jonathan Demme: Featuring Willow Maclay and Jake Mulligan

Life and Something More: Abbas Kiarostami Remembered: Featuring Amir Soltani, Tina Hassania, and Carson Lund (July 2016)

Let Us Now Praise Jacques Rivette: Featuring Miriam Bale, Ignatiy Vishenvetsky, and Matt Prigge (February 2016)

Remembering Chantal Akerman: Featuring Justine Smith (October 2015)

Remembering James Agee (The Night of The Hunter): Featuring Scott Nye and Kristin Sales (May 2015).

Andrew Sarris Roundtable: Featuring Dan Sallitt, David Schwartz, and Godfrey Cheshire (October 2013).

Remembering Roger Ebert: Featuring Keith Uhlich, Matt Prigge, Kenji Fujishima, and Godfrey Cheshire (April 2013).

Year End Count Downs With Keith Uhlich

2016: Part I and Part II
2015: Part I and Part II
2014: Part I and Part II
2013: Part I and Part II
2012: Link for Both Parts